Christmas 3T Charity Auction 2020

A quick guide to the Christmas 3T Charity Auction Auction of Time, Talent and Things for Charity

Find an item that you want to bid on
The links to all the items are at the bottom of this post shorturl… Alternatively, you can scroll done the Auction page or clicking on the search icon and typing ‘item number and the number of the item. E.G to bid for 5 hours of Coaching search for ‘Item number 1’. (scroll down on this post to find item numbers)

How to bid.Check the comments of the item and bid higher than the last person by the increment described in the item description (You can bid higher than this but not lower. ) e.g something was listed as 20zł with a 5 zł increment and the last bid in the description is 30 zł your bid would be 35zl.

How to win
If your bid is the highest bid by 9pm on Sunday the 3rd of January you will win the ‘item’. Please note that Sunday evening (03.01) there will be a live stream to encourage people to bid stay tuned and don’t miss out at the last minute.

How to pay
We will then contact you via facebook with specific instructions about how to make a donation to the Futprints foundation. This will be possible through the Futprints Facebook donation button (which can accept Visa and foreign currencies) or via bank transfer. Please note. These funds will be divided by ourselves to the relevant causes and published in the group at a later date.)

How to get my item
Once your donation is received we will send you a voucher with the terms and conditions of your item and contact details to the person offering the ‘item’. You can then discuss between yourselves how to transfer the item. or when to have the lesson. Please be aware that although many items on auction are provided friends and family we have not in any way vetted all the people offering items.

Time talents

1. Coaching Jasper Lim

2. Stand out from the Crowd. CV, cover letter and linkin support Rebekah Lisgarten

3. Dog walking Clara Murillo Santiago

4. Photography lesson in English or Polish. Monika Mraczek

5. Secrets of the real Italian Tiramisù Mariachiara Barra

6. How to Write a Novel for Absolute Beginners Jorge Ruiz Fernández

7. Two tickets to live performance. Song Stall by a group TeatrBezscenY

8. Family ticket for spectacle in Polish and theatre workshop.TeatrBezscenY

9. Get to know us and learn about our international projects, youth exchange as well as a tour of our city. KOMKE

10. Two-hour tour Tarnowski Góry Agata Wilczek

11. two-hour guided tour of Katowice modern era Tomasz Kiełkowski

12. Two running training sessions. Agata Wilczek

13. How to make Macrame Ewa Kraus.


14. Three hours of English, maths or Arabic lessons Moaz Abdulrahman

15. One hour Silesian language lesson Tomasz Kiełkowski

16. Two x 45 min Polish lessons Polish Photo Dictionary Monika Pacukiewicz

17. One hour Polish online (5 to be won) Ania Gurgul

18. Four hours of one to one English lessons Monika Rybarczyk

19. Spanish Conversation Practice 1 to 1 —> 3 Lessons of 1 hour via Skype Jorge Ruiz Fernández

20. Spanish Conversation Practice in Small Group up to 4 people 3 Lessons of 1 Hour via Skype Jorge Ruiz Fernández

21. Five hours English lessons and a chance to learn about South Africa and its rich culture from a native speaker Merle Marie

22. two x 45 mins Koreans lesson Blue Un Sok Kim

23. Five x 45 mins English lessons Agata Wilczek

Personalised items

25.Personalised handmade crochet hat MariaNe Gameroff

26. One hour recording session (music / or podcast) (home studio) / personalised beat.Demetrio Tripodi

27. Two mugs with the text in Polish ‘ Change the life of one person you change the whole world. Barbara Grzesik

28. Box of home made Brazilian truffles Sara Ezedin

29. Homemade Tortilla Española (Spanish tortilla) @Miguel Miguel Ángel Ruiz Bernal

30. Design and make a personalised r wood plaque Ruth Smith

31. Real Jamon iberico de bellota imported from Spain. JoseManuel Garcia Gordillo

32. Signed copy of her book Tajemnica Sary. Paulina Wróbel

Interesting items

33. Shoes size 43 Marco Cillepi

34. Scandinavian style Lamp Agata Szwed

35.Room heater Marco Cillepi

36. Colombian artisans “velitas elficas”Marco Cillepi

37. CANALI Italian suit Marco Cillepi

38. Orginal Italian Football Federation Pencils Marco Cillepi.

39. Selfie stick Marco Cillepi

40. Polish fish cooking book ‘Ryby sa super’ Marco Cillepi

Christmas 3T Charity Auction – Auction your Time, Talent and Things for Charity

What is this about?
We are raising money through a fun auction on Facebook to help those in need. The money raised will go towards funding the following causes:· Purchasing essential winter clothing / items for the homeless to keep them warm in the winter· Christmas presents for children living in homeless shelters and orphanages.· Buying basic food items for a mum of two who is out of work and looking after her brother with disabilities.· Covering the running costs of the homeless distribution centre and essential items for Futprints Foundation.

How does it work?
The auction is quite simple and will be run on Facebook groups. All you need to do is ‘auction’ one of these – Time, Talent or Things (3Ts). For example, if you are an English Teacher and would like to offer 5 hours of 1-2-1 lessons, we can auction off with a starting price of 100 PLN. The highest bidder will get the item. Similarly, for physical items such as (2nd hand laptops, washing machine etc.), we will curate the items, set the starting price and offer them to the highest bidder.The Auction will start on the 20th of December and will finish on the Sunday 3rd of January at 9pm . With a live Facebook stream of the last hour closing the Auction.

How to participate?
You can start sending your time/talent/things NOW by emailing or pm them on FB Fundacja Futprints. Please include as many details of the time/talent/item you have to offer(how many hours you are offering, level of expertise / condition of the object). If you have any picture/ film of the items/service or video of the item/service please send them through as well. The deadline for submitting your items is: December 20th.

What items can I offer?
The time and talents can be language/music/art/cooking/dance lessons, offering services such as cleaning, website design, translating or handmade arts & crafts. The items for offer should be for a finite time and number of people. Physical items offered can be anything from a piece of furniture to a rare book (please don’t offer anything broken or in bad condition). Here are some other ideas that were offered on our previous auction which might inspire you :· Dinner for 4 with an American soldier· Tour of Katowice of interesting places for foreigners· Afternoon English tea with a native English speaker· Professionally designed mugs· Personal makeover and makeup lessons· Videography and photography lessons· 5 hours of guitar or piano lessons· Asian/Indian/Chinese/European Cooking lessons· Beading and jewellery making lessons.

What else can you do?
Help spread the message by sharing and reposting this message to your friends network on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channels.

This fund-raising auction is jointly organised by the Futprints Foundation, Katowice international Foundation, Bonas Fidas and the Katowice Social Meetups.