English style community picnic

On the 9th of July 2016 we organised an English style picnic for the residence of the borough ‘Koszutka’, Katowice. At the picnic we organised English style games such as boules, croquet and horseshoe throwing.  We provide English style cakes and drinks including homemade scones, lemon cake and lemonade, with tea (with or without milk 🙂 ) and coffee provided.

The aim of the picnic was to give an opportunity for the people living in this district to get to know other people living close to them, through the integration of playing games and to give them chance to get to know a little bit more about us and our foundation.

As the foundations first community event the picnic went well; And in spite the weather not being the most ideal with strong winds and ominous looking rain clouds, people appeared to enjoy the afternoon.  The games were played and enjoyed by people of various ages participated in the games.


13653166_1134320033296147_3093353969235313436_o three 13581972_1134320543296096_2301152099187474979_olemon cake IMG_20160709_165953628 Piknik w parku rev 2