Chess meetings

We invite you to a weekly meetings of Chess, draughts or even connect 4 .

The meetings are at 5:30 every Tuesday in park identified by google as ‘plac Andrzej’ this is a small park south of Katowice train station. We meet close the the statue (shown in the pictures below) opposite the Kopernika street number 12. NB be careful if asking people for directions as most people think that plac Andrzej is the square next to the trainstation and not the park.

The meetings will run from the 14th of June to the 30th of August 2016.


Szachy treci spotkania jpeg


Our third meeting 5.07.201613633318_10206601388690522_1448044657_o 13616370_10206601388850526_119874562_o 13621484_10206601388530518_1303358534_o

Our second meeting 28.06.2016

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Our first meeting 14.06.2016