Charity work doesn’t always have to serious, often a fun way to support us is to organise a fundraiser. This not only helps with raising funds for our projects but also with raising awareness of our work and the people we support. The best fundraisers are creative and enjoyable and we hope some of our previous fundraisers organised by us and our friends/volunteers inspire you to action. If you would like to help us organise a future fundraiser or you have some interesting ideas please get in contact. P.S if you’re all out of ideas we’d like to let you know we’re a registered charity on facebook and birthday / unbirthday fundraisers are always very much appreciated 🙂

Operation Tiriisu
Time and talent Auction
Chinese calligraphy workshop

Time and talents Auction

An auction with a difference where people could offer their time or talent for donations to the foundation. The time and tallents on offer were really varied and creative and encluded ‘items’ like afternoon tea with an English man, a personalised embroidered picture, a guitar lesson or even a steak meal with an American solider.

Operation Tiramisu

A fun filled fund-raiser was set-up by our volunteer Samuel Lee in conduction with EVS, AMSA and Bonafides and various sponsors. Samuel organised numerous stoles and activities  for university medical students such as a medical quiz, game of mini golf , video game event and a presentation of 3D printing. In addition to the events there was bucket loads of authentic Italian tirimisu for all to try. A special thanks to mariacharia and the Bonofides volunteers for making the tiramisu , it was delicious!!

Chinese calligraphy workshop

Chiao-hsin who attended our Polish Cafe kindly offered her time to run a Chinese calligraphy workshop. The workshop was very professionally organised with proper tools and paper. The participants really enjoyed their time and the resulting pieces of written art were great. For more pictures of the event check out Chiao-hsin Calligraphy page Proste Jak Chiński .

Walking tour

With the help of Angelika Nocon we organised an English walking tour in the old mining town of Nikiszowiec. She has lived there for the last 20 years and gave a personal account how the town has evolved to the tourist attraction of today.

Photography walking tour

With the guidance of the avid and tallented photographer Artur Szlesinger we also organised a photography walking tour of Nikiszowiec. And to keep the participants on their toes, there was a prize for the best photo. The prize was the book “the black garden” which was won by Marta Poloczek.

photo by by Marta Poloczek.

The yet to be organised fundraiser by the help of You!

We hope our past fundraisers have been enough of an inspiration to help you think of something you could do to support us 🙂 If so, we would gladly discuss your idea and share any lessons learnt from previous fundraisers. We can also help in advertising the event on Facebook, instagram, our website and with posters.