Make a difference

Welcome to our how to help us make a difference page. First thing we’d like to say is that; any help no matter how little is more than welcome. If you’ve found your way here and wondering you might want to support us, why help us please read our aims and what we’re up to.

So how can you help? Don’t worry this page isn’t just about how much money we need and how guilty we can make you feel for not giving it to us. Your time and knowledge can often be more valuable then monies; but there is no getting away from the fact that money is also required for running of a foundation our goals and making a difference in someone else life. If you would like to donate in here our  you can do a bank transfer.

Account number: 46 1600 1055 1842 1469 2000 0001

Bank BNP Paribas
IBAN: PL46 1600 1055 1842 1469 2000 0001

If you donate via bank transfer please in the description that this donation is for the aims of the foundation – ‘darowizna na cele statutowe’ to give us the flexability to use this money where we see it most fit as well as making the accounting a little easier 🙂

If you would like to sponsor us, using a currency other than Polish Złoty please donate via PayPal or our facebook page.


Please note that all donations will be used in order to achieve the goals set out in the statute and currently we are can not accept 1% of taxes.

So what else can I do to help?

Whether you donate money or not there is still plenty that you can do to help. Your time, ideas and information are very much welcomed and as mentioned earlier can often be worth more than the money you could give. If you can and would like to help with any of the following, please get in touch:

  • Share our web or Facebook page. Ok this isn’t strictly something that we want you to get in touch about and please don’t go around spam messaging random websites, but if you know anyone or organisation that might be interested in our work, supporting us and working alongside us please share our page with them.
  • Do you have any great fundraising ideas? If so we’d love to hear them.
  • Know of any venues in and around Katowice we could use for fund raising events.
  • Know of any venues that we could rent/buy/use in order to achieve our goals either as a place for homeless to sleep/keep warm or as a community centre.
  • Does your work places offer any sponsorship grants that we can apply for?
  • Know of any grants a Foundation operating in Poland can apply for?
  • Would you like to volunteer or know someone who would? Please visit our how to volunteer page. We need volunteers for:
    • Updating our website in English / Polish/ french / Russian or Ukrainian.
    • Translators from Polish to English and English to Polish.
    • Organising events
    • Helping out with our projects the next one requires the following help:
      • People to join our team talking with homeless people over a cuppa coffee/tea.
      • Cakes /sandwiches for giving to homeless people.