Picnic in the English style –  chapter 2

  • When? 06/10/2016
  • What? Picnic in the English style
  • Provided by whom? Foundation Futprints
  • Provided for? For Women and Children who live in the Social Welfare Hotel (Hotel Pomocy Społeznej) which is a shelter run by the government and is located at 7a Orkana street Katowice.
  • Where? Youth Club (Świetlica Specjalistyczna Nr 1) located next to the Social Welfare Hotel in Katowice.

On the 6th of October we organised another English style Picnic but this time it was organised for women and children who are without a permanent place to live along with the children who attend a youth club with children from difficult backgrounds.

The aim of the picnic was to create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere for residents of the shelter and their children, and children of the youth club.  To have the opportunity to meet the residents and give them the opportunity to get know us.  To encouraged integration of the shelter residents, youth club and volunteers.

Hopefully we’ve built up the suspense that you’re now wondering what exactly did we do at this picnic…

Well we prepared for the participants of our Picnic many interesting attractions. The first two hours of our event

were in the form of a spa type event dedicated to the ladies living in, the ‘Social Welfare Hotel’. Their hairstyles were taken care of by a locally known professional hairdresser, Mr. Marcin Drewniok. He worked tirelessly for more than two hours cutting and wonderfully styling dozens of ladies. The beauty of the ladies faces were taken care of by two young but talented beauticians Amanda Warzyńska and Agnieszka Latocha. Continuously for two hours Agnieszka elegantly applied make-up to the ladies faces, and parallel Amanda with great devotion performed  a special relaxation massages of the face. We watched in awe at the impressive transformation of the picnic participants: from the comb and scissors of Marcin, to the touch from Amanda and the subtle addition of make-up by Agnieszka skilfully highlighting and bringing out their natural beauty.

It is worth noting that our entire three-Team SPA worked on a voluntary basis.

Due to the many participants of the picnic there was a waiting time for spa treatments, during this time the participants were treated to tea, cakes and games. Our Volunteers: Irena and Bozena served the tea and coffee and homemade cakes of course including, English scones :). Bozena also showed the participants how to write their names in Arabic and Anita organised some board games such as Blokus.  During the last half an hour we played Pictionary and charades. which was excellently lead by the volunteers Anita and Ewelina resulting in lots of laughs and banter.

The leaders, who coordinated this part of the event were President of the Foundation, Andrew Lisgarten and Chairman of the Foundation, Maria Aydemir.


The second part of our picnic was dedicated to children living in, the Hotel Social Welfare ‘and children from the youth club. Our Volunteers Bozena, Anita, Ewelina, Irena and Tom organised outside games for children. We were very pleased that just a few hours earlier it had stopped raining.  We played such games as Boules, croquet and hot and cold and Simon says. Once it cooled in the late afternoon, we walked into the building, common room and played in the “fruit” and “chairs in both English and Polish. At the end we were playing charades with prizes for all the kids.

The whole picnic dedicated to children coordinated by the President of the Foundation, Andrew.