Volunteering with children

wolunteering with the homeless4

What we offer:

  • Work in a dynamic team.
  • The opportunity to learn and improve your Polish/English thanks to native speakers.
  • Work in a relaxed and homely environment.
  • The opportunity to shape the Foundation through your energy and ideas.
  • The opportunity to create something new.
  • Chance to have a positive impact on someone’s life.
  • The opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds.


For each of the volunteers insurance and a contract for volunteering may be provided.

Tasks for volunteers:

  • Updating our website in Polish and English.
  • Translating from English into Polish and from Polish into English.
  • The organisation of events and actions projects.
  • Programming and web designs.
  • Accounting with in Polish law.
  • Legal advice for operating of a Foundation with in Polish law.

Our first project will be to conduct surveys of homeless people in order to gather information about them. We want to get to know them, find out what interests and talents they have, as well as to hear from them how we can help people in a similar situation as they were or still are. The results of the survey will help us with our planning of future projects.

In order to carry out this project we are looking for volunteers:

  • To conduct surveys among homeless people.
  • Ready to offer baked or brought cakes for those carrying out the survey and those being surveyed (Please contact us before you purchase or bake any cakes).
  • who are good are statistics and analyses of qualitative and quantitative data.

In the future, we will need help in other activities and projects. If you have skills which are not mentioned in the above text such as (renovation, decorating, electrician, knowledge of foreign languages, can work with children or have interesting hobbies that you would like to share with others etc.), please get in contact.